New Rules! THC consumption Ok’d for restaurants, spas and more… with a little training.

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Kristen Thomson is a partner and Chief Strategy Officer at Weeds.

Did you know there are new rules for cannabis consumption areas and cannabis research laboratories (not testing labs, yet, but those are likely coming)? Well, we are here to break them down for you. 

Consumption Areas

If you are looking to start a consumption area, you are in luck because the CCD published rules for those back in June. They can be found here, starting at NMAC. But be aware that this is the only type of license a local government can ban or set separate rules for in their jurisdiction.

There are two types of licenses available, one that includes inhaled cannabis and one that is edible or topical only. This could mean that a spa or clinic could use cannabis in treatments if they get a consumption area license. THC facial anyone? 

To ensure that consumers are served appropriately, the CCD also approved licenses for training programs. A server permit provided by a licensed training program is required for all employees of a consumption area, regardless of type. 

Server Permits & Training Programs

No to be redundant, but the requirements for server permits and training program licenses were released in July. Both can be found here at 16.8.10 NMAC. 

Currently only employees of consumption areas are required to have server permits provided by a licensed training program. However, licensed training programs can do more than issue server permits if they meet minimum standards.

Research Labs – Clinical, Agricultural, or Market Research Studies

While NM may have been late to the legal recreational cannabis marketplace in the West, we are among the pioneers allowing for cannabis to be used on “human subjects”. You will have to get a license from the state and your study approved by the IRB, but if you know what that means, you may want to get a Research Lab license. Rules can be found here and start at NMAC.

Not all research labs will be using human subjects and for the rest of the research-focused laboratories, there are actually three classes of licenses available. Which type is appropriate will depend on the conduct of human studies or if a lab wants to cultivate their own cannabis, but all license types are allowed to be used for clinical, agricultural, or market research studies.

Right now, all of these license type applications are on paper and not yet included in the online portal. If you are interested in any of these licenses, the team at Weeds. is here to help you from licensing to compliance.

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