Albuquerque Requires New Health Permit For Retail, Manufacturing Facilities

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City Requires New Health Permit For Retail, Manufacturing Facilities

Licensees in the City of Albuquerque may receive notice by mail or email that they must apply for a new type of city cannabis health permit. The application requirements and fees vary depending on your operations, but each licensed cannabis facility must have its own health permit, in addition to your existing state and city licenses and permits you already hold.

It’s no surprise to anyone in the industry that the rules continue to change and there is always one more form or permit needed – even if you are already open. 

If you operate a retail or manufacturing space in Albuquerque, here’s what you need to know about this new permit:

Do I need this? If you operate a retail or manufacturing (including Class 1 for on-site packaging), yes. 

Why now? The city’s food health and safety laws were updated last month to treat cannabis products like other pre-packaged food items. This is an important part of treating cannabis like other consumable products (pre-packaged food, for example). Now cannabis manufacturers are treated like all other food facilities (salsa packers, for example).  Retailers are also required to follow the same rules other food retailers (grocery stores, for example) must follow. 

Can I wait to apply until my existing state license or city permits are up for renewal next year? No. This is a requirement to continue operating in the City of Albuquerque.  State rules require you to comply and have all required local business registrations and to comply with health rules. 

Going forward, anyone who applies for a cannabis permit in the city must obtain this permit before opening.  Existing operators must obtain this permit to remain open.

Why doesn’t this apply to facilities outside of Albuquerque?  For most of the State, the state’s Environment Department (NMED) enforces food safety rules and inspections. But in larger home rule cities, like Albuquerque, the city government takes on that role and they can add additional rules to enforce it. Right now, just Albuquerque has this special permit, but we expect NMED to create a similar permitting process for the rest of the state soon. 

What does it take to apply? It depends on your operations! In addition to your application, you must have safe handling and storage procedures in place to meet city rules (in addition to ANSI Accredited Food Handler Certificates). Some facilities involved in manufacturing or storage of cannabis products may also be required to submit an odor control plan. 

Can Weeds help? Yes!  If you are operating a retail or manufacturing facility in the City of Albuquerque, the team at Weeds can help you determine which type of cannabis health permit is required and build a license plan, policies, and required diagrams to submit to the city on your behalf. 

How much does the new permit cost? The City permit fee ranges from $100-$200 depending on your operations. Our team can help complete your license for a small additional fee.  Odor plans and specialized operating procedures may require additional time and costs. Reach out to us to start the process!
Contact us: Bobbi Martinez, Education & Compliance Manager, Weeds. bobbi@weeds.team

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