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How to set up your cannabis excise tax account and pay your retail taxes

You have your retail license, all of your local permits and have set up your point-of-sale (POS) system. You are ready to open your dispsensary, right? Almost. Adult-use Cannabis Retailers who take part in sales MUST set up a special tax account wit the Tax & Revenue Department before starting sales. The State’s online system, the […]

You started your cannabis business. Now you need a building for it.

Almost half of your license application and compliance relates to the design and operation of your facility. Applicants usually find that this part of their license is the most complicated, mostly because very few buildings meet the strict security, zoning, environmental, utility, and other requirements for cannabis facilities.

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What type of company should I use for my new cannabis company?

Congratulations on taking the first step towards your new cannabis business! Being in the cannabis business is, well, a business and that means you have to have a legal entity in place to operate it. So which type do you choose? As always, that depends. The lawyers make us say… Weeds. is not a law […]


Compliance Guides.

Compliance Alert: It’s time to check your labels!

Starting on October 1, all labels must meet the requirements of NMAC. This means that all product labeled under the medical cannabis program will be out of compliance on this date.  Is your principal display panel up to date? Do you have the appropriate symbols and warning language? Is your font the right size? […]

Albuquerque Requires New Health Permit For Retail, Manufacturing Facilities

City Requires New Health Permit For Retail, Manufacturing Facilities Licensees in the City of Albuquerque may receive notice by mail or email that they must apply for a new type of city cannabis health permit. The application requirements and fees vary depending on your operations, but each licensed cannabis facility must have its own health […]

Scam Alert: Fake DEA, CCD callers demand money from cannabis companies

As most cannabis licensees know, data about any publicly licensed business is public record. That’s great for consumers looking to identify credible operators, but those records are also prime targets for scammers. This week, the State’s Cannabis Control Division issued another fraud/scam warning to licensees warning them to be aware of new scams perpetrated against […]


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Governor Addresses New Cannabis Startups at P2M/Weeds Conference

June 30, 2021 (Albuquerque) – Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham was the governor who finally legalized cannabis in New Mexico and the assembled crowd of more than 300 new entrepreneurs wanted her to know they are thankful. P2M Cannabis Group (later rebranded as Weeds.) hosted the state’s first “how to” conference for persons interesting in launching […]

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