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From heading the governor’s legalization task force in New Mexico to building social equity plans for operators and programs across the West, the Weeds team knows a thing or two about the challenges of cannabis – and how to overcome them.

“A powerhouse consulting agency.”

“With insider experience, the former state regulators undoubtedly bring an edge to consulting firm Weeds.”

KRQE News 13, August 5, 2022

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What good is a license without the owner’s manual to teach you how to keep it?

We don’t just submit your license and walk away. We work with clients to build customized licensing plans and model policies based on your experience to help you win a license and stay in compliance to keep it.

Product safety. Environmental regulations. Track-and-trace. With hundreds of pages of laws, rules, and regulations from more than a dozen federal and state agencies, cannabis businesses are required to meet some of the most intensive regulatory burdens in the country.

Weeds. team members have worked both inside companies and the agencies that regulate them; we even wrote many of the rules and inspection protocols those agencies use. Find out how we can help keep your policies up to date, conduct sample inspections of your facilities, and build compliance action plans to get you back on track and stay right with the man.

Let’s face it: cannabis policy is like nothing else in public policy. Building an entirely new industry is complicated enough before you throw in federal and state conflicts, financial challenges for new operators and social inequities in drug policy that state and local programs have to address.

Our team has worked in states across the west advising governments and operators writing local zoning laws and creating social equity programs to address these concerns. Learn how we’ve helped navigate the ever-changing world of cannabis policy.

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