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KRQE News 13, August 5, 2022

Our team of former regulators, elected policy makers and industry operators came together to help build New Mexico’s new adult-use cannabis industry.

As the head and staff of the New Mexico Governor’s Legalization Work Group, we built a roadmap for legalization. Since then, we’ve helped hundreds of operators license more than 200 production, manufacturing, retail and consumption locations.

Today, our team works to ensure licensees keep their licenses by providing training and compliance services. And we remain involved in public policy serving as consultants to local government and states on cannabis regulation policy.


Public Policy

Public policy for the cannabis industry changes almost every day and that’s a huge challenge for state-licensed operators and regulators charged with keeping their program and licensees out of trouble.

We’ve worked directly with states and local municipalities to design roadmaps for compliance including zoning, licensing, regulation and legalization.

Our team led New Mexico’s Governor’s Legalization Work Group and currently serves as consultant to the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Compassionate Use Program.

Albuquerque City Councilor Pat Davis, serving as head of the Gov’s legalization work group, 2019




Cannabis is not a business where you can build it as you go.

To meet state licensing rules, applicants must meet more than 300 standards for health, safety, OSHA, security and building codes — all before you open.

We’ve helped to license or re-license more than 200 facilities statewide including the large DEA-permitted Federal cannabis research facility in Grants, New Mexico, all 3 of New Mexico’s largest multi-site operators all the way down to the state’s first micro-license operator.

Trust the experts with tested policies for meeting state standards.

Social Equity Plan

Most states – including NM – require licensees to track their ownership and workforce diversity, and develop strategies for increasing participation by those harmed in the war on drugs.

Business Qualification

State cannabis licenses aren’t issued to individuals. Ensure you and your business partners set up the right business entity for state banking, compliance and to protect your interests now and in the future.

Local Zoning &Permitting

Even if you qualify for a state license, each local jurisdiction has permitting and zoning restrictions limiting commercial cannabis.

Talk to our team about pre-qualifying your location and mapping out your local permit requirements before you start.

Food Safety & Recall Plans

Because cannabis is federally illegal, FDA food safety rules don’t apply. So how do you meet state requirements for maintaining product safety? What if your city has a different standard than the state? Do you have a recall plan and is your team trained?


How do you safely transport your product between locations? What do you do if you are stopped by law enforcement?

We help you design a transportation plan to meet state rules and plan for emergencies.


Water Use Authorization

Did you know? Most water service – including most wells and municipal meters – are not eligible for commercial use.

We’ve helped 100+ growers qualify water use for commercial cannabis .

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