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What we do.

Trust us. You’ve never had a more exciting email than the one saying your company is (finally) approved for a cannabis license. But getting there takes lots of work to navigate the labyrinth of laws, regulations and permits required from state and local agencies.


To be granted a license to operate a cannabis operation, you have to prove to the State that your business, your owners and managers, and your facility meet more than 300 separate standards for health, safety, security and transparency.


Are you ready to apply? See the checklist of required documentation and plans you need to complete your state application.


While the State may grant a license to applicants who are still developing some parts of their plan, licensees may not open a State-licensed facility without having all local permits, training and procedures in place. 


The most common cause of delay in licensing involves an applicant failing to obtain a local or state permit from agencies outside of the Cannabis Control Division, such as the State Engineer, Environment Department, Construction Industries Division, Fire Marshal and city zoning.


You need a customized license plan to build your application and operator’s manual for your plan to get you from seed-to-sale.


Our process and model policies and permit applications have been used by legacy medical cannabis companies and new adult-use applicants to license more than 150 facilities statewide.

Learn more about licensing with our FAQs and How-To Guide here.

You have a license. Now, how do you keep it?

When you spend all day just running your business, paperwork is always the last priority. But in the cannabis business, you don’t have that luxury.

Compliance comes with the territory in regulated businesses. When you applied for your license you promised the state (and locals) that you would implement certain standards and provide them unlimited access to your business to prove it. Compliance is your way of showing that you are following the rules — and weeding out the bad operators who undercut standards, damage the industry, and unfairly impact your ability to compete on a level playing field.


Our team members have worked as regulators and rulemakers writing the laws and rules you have to follow. 


At Weeds, we help startup and legacy operators with: Mock Inspections to prepare for state inspections, Designing training programs to meet regulatory standards, Creating compliance plans to respond to notice of violations to keep your license. 


Learn more about our Compliance services here.

Weeds. began as a collaboration of legacy medical cannabis operators and regulators tasked with building a new regulatory scheme for New Mexico’s State cannabis program. 


Our founders were appointed by the governor to chair and staff her New Mexico Marijuana Legalization Work Group, a task force of more than 20 regulators, legislators, patients and operators who studied regulation in every state and drafted a roadmap to a new regulation structure and best practices for State-level cannabis regulation.


That roadmap, including months of public hearings and data-driven analysis of market conditions and economic opportunity, became the framework for New Mexico’s new hybrid medical and adult-use licensing and compliance system. 


Today, we help medical and adult-use entrepreneurs navigate the ever changing rules of licensing and compliance and support state and local regulators looking to create regulations to ensure a safe and prosperous industry.

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