From seed-to-sale: licensing is more than the paper on the wall.

You need a customized license plan to build your application and operator’s manual for your plan to get you from seed-to-sale.

Trust us. You’ve never had a more exciting email than the one saying your company is (finally) approved for a cannabis license.

But getting there takes lots of work to navigate the labyrinth of laws, regulations and permits required from state and local agencies.

Are you ready to apply? You’ll need:

  • Background checks on owners and controlling persons
  • Business and tax registrations
  • Social equity reports and plans
  • A facility that meets state and local zoning and building regulations
  • Energy and water plans for your operations
  • Access to water for cultivation (most historical agricultural water rights do not work for cannabis)
  • Policies and procedures to meet standards for security, transportation, testing, OSHA workplace safety, emergencies, product recalls and 8 other key operation standards
  • Training curriculum to implement before operating 
  • A strict record keeping system

Our process.

One of our clients described our services as “cannabis start-up navigators.” We think that fits what we do really well.

We aren’t like attorneys or lobbyists who bill by the hour, fill out your application paperwork, and walk away. Our licensing program is designed to win a state license and provide you with customized policies, training standards, and a team of architects, engineers, consultants, construction managers, and equipment suppliers to get you up and going and stay right with the man. And we charge you a flat fee so you never have to worry about whether asking a question will cost you another bill.

Preparing your state cannabis license takes a lot of work.

In most cases, operators must create a new business, register to pay taxes, complete background checks on all owners and managers, find a location that meets local zoning rules, and create plans for security, transportation, waste management, seed-to-sale tracking and employee training.

New Mexico also requires every operator to create a social equity plan and most have to provide a water and energy reduction plan, verify water rights, and obtain local building permits — all before applying.

It sounds like a lot (we have a rundown of the major requirements here) but our process helps you build an application and the policies you need to operate inside the rules.

We start with a series of onboarding meetings (most by Zoom or email) to identify your goals, and company details and owners. From there we build a customized licensing plan so you understand what permits and applications are required for your plan from seed-to-sale.

Throughout our process, our team is customizing your site plan, policies and ancillary approval paperwork to provide you with a 300+ page policy book and 200+ pages of recommended training standards for your license and facility.

We don’t just apply for a license and leave you to figure it out. We’re here with you from paperwork to grand opening, seed-to-sale.

Our record.

Our licensing program has helped to secure over 100 premises licenses across the state under the adult-use program.

Our firm secured the state’s first cannabis microbusiness license and first adult-use retail licenses in the state in 2021. We’ve worked with some of the largest legacy medical producers and retailers to transition to adult-use licensing and with more than 50 new cannabis entrepreneurs to license almost 100 new facilities up and down the Rio Grande corridor and in all four corners of New Mexico.

What they say about us.

“Coming from out of state, Mr. Fisher and his partners studied New Mexico’s cannabis market, hired a consulting firm, identified more than 10 initial locations and greenhouses and secured their licenses…. The big hurdles came when navigating constantly evolving rules within the cities and municipalities. He said he’s relied on P2M Cannabis Group, now known as Weeds. The group was founded by Matt Kennicott, Patrica Mattoli and Albuquerque city councilor Pat Davis…”

Today, Dreamz dispensary is licensed in 15 locations with one of the largest production facilities in the state.

How can we help?

Contact us and one of our team members will schedule a time to discuss your next big idea.